In 1926, C.T. Snidow, unaware of the site’s history, purchased the land and opened the amusement park. It became a popular summertime retreat for thousands of coalfield families. It closed in 1966 after experiencing two troubling children’s deaths over the years. The first mysterious death, which has been confirmed by the owners, was of a young boy, who drowned while the swimming pool was still open. A mother dropped her child off at the park one morning to return that afternoon to find that her child was nowhere to be found. After searching the entire grounds, she found her child’s lifeless body floating in the pool. The owners filled the preexisting pool with sand to prevent any further accidents. The second death occurred in the children’s playground where a swing set was located, and when in operation revolved at a high rate of speed. One day in the early 1950s a truck delivering soda to a refreshment stand accidentally backed up into the path of the swings, and a young girl was killed when she was struck by the truck. Of the paranormal activity that has been observed at Lake Shawnee, most individuals have experienced orbs in photographs, disembodied voices, Native American chanting, unexplained sounds, and the long forgotten carnival rides moving on their own.


April 08, 2013
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